3 Tips to convince your partner to get a dog

Every time you see your friends cuddling with a cute puppy or a cat, do your hormones start pacing your body too? Does your partner cringe at the thought of having a fluffball in your bed? Well it’s time to end the heated argument between you two. You can convince them to make an addition to your family by using the following tips and techniques.

Use your kids as secret weapons (desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Best buddies

Your partner can say no to your bulging puppy eyes, but he/she is bound to yield down when your kids repeatedly ask for an animal friend. Kids have a way around their parents and when they have an idea up their head, they would bring it up at all instances. It is also true that kids who spend time caring for a pet, become more responsible and compassionate.

Having a pet around makes them realize that they are responsible for it and trust us when we say kids love feeling like the BIG brother / sister. They learn to oversee someone else’s requirements and foster a healthy relationship.

Have a clear plan regarding tasks and schedules

Think of it like a proposal, not a business proposal but yeah you get my point, don’t you. Walking times, feeding, vaccinations, how to pay for the food. Once you lay out an elaborate plan detailing how you as a couple will be easily able to manage a pet without straining your finances or time, your partner will be more likely to accept it. Change is difficult for many to accept, but preparing beforehand ensures you are well equipped for challenges to come.


I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I wish I could get a dog but my partner won’t let me!”. Here comes my favourite technique, Foster! There are shelters which allow you overnight fostering too. Maybe a weekend or a fortnight, hence no commitment to anyone, helps your partner see how much joy a pet can bring in your life. It’s as if all pieces fall into place simply as you envisioned them. Additionally, you help the pet escape contaminated shelters providing them a safe place.

In addition to these tips, I should suggest try convincing your partner when you are in a stable place yourself. Similarly, respect his/her wish and try to work around them. Let’s say, X cannot commit to a dog , why not get a cat.

Tried these tips? Have some other great ones that worked for you? Did you eventually give up? Share your story and help animal lovers all around the world.


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